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1-Maiko Tomitae (Source)

2-Maiko Katsuru (Source)

3-Geiko Umeshizu is a assistant and geiko Umeha is a hote during a tea ceremony (Source)

4-Maiko Katsumi, she is retired now (Source)

5-Retired maiko Satoryu (Source)

6-Geiko Masayo on the back and geiko Tsunemomo dancing (Source)

7-Maiko Kanoyumi (Source)

8-Geiko Ayano of Pontocho (Source)

9-Geiko Mao looks a little fake maiko girl (Source)

10-Geiko Katsugiku (Source)


Hakuna Matata | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


Hakuna Matata | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


Please, everyone watch this video!
My town and school is going crazy over a simple bullying video shown by a teacher, and now parents are demanding for him to be fired! 
The video has nothing to do with religion, and they are claiming that it does.
This is happening in Northern Florida, and there will be a school board meeting on Monday where hundreds of anti-gay parents and Pastors will come to demand for this man to be fired.

We need just as many, if not more, SUPPORTERS! If you plan on making a visit, please message me so I can give you the name of our town. It is Monday, March 10th in Northern Florida.

((This is my post from another account.))

I’ll never amount to everything.

It would mean a lot to me if you guys would like my Facebook page and subscribe to my Youtube channel. I’m determined to become a successful makeup artist, and these are some of the baby steps necessary to do so. I already have some videos up, and my latest one I am very proud of. I hope that some of you guys at least check it out.